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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pik San's 21st birthday

Birthday dinner @ Hakka Chan Kee.....

Too hungry .... forgot to snap before makan.... the food is delicious...especially the yam ( my all time fav ) too bad no picture to show .

Cakes from dessert's bar..yummy!!

16th Annual Charity walk/jog/wheel-a-thon with the disable

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Skytrex - Bukit Cahaya , Shah Alam

Briefing ......

The adventure begin..... i took 1 min 40 sec to climb up to the top lolx. The fastest was edward 28 sec . The slowest was 3 min. ( i shall not mention who =x )

This is the most scariest . Basically , my legs is short . I've to swing inorder to reach . It doesnt look scary in pic but trust me it does in reallife >.<

FlyinFox ! One of my fav !

-The End -

Monday, November 2, 2009

I sprained my wirst . Dont ask me how cause i got no idea . It's been for awhile . Basically i ignored the pain cause it only feel hurt when i turn my wrist to some certain direction . But somehow it gets worst , the pain keep comin and it's extreamly annoying . Should have went to see" Tit Tar " in the 1st place . Now i need to go for few treatments which cost me a bomb. Sigh , MY heart even more pain !!!

Hope the 4th treatment it will recover .If not i need to spend even more to see physio !!!!! >.<

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