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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Havent really been bloggin for more than a weeks . like i said , i'm kinda lazy person . Moreover been busy plus wasnt really in da mood to blog too.

Gosh ! lots of pic to upload and alot stuff to blog about but i'm so so lazy to blog it out! why am i so lazy? is there any medication that can cure lazy-ness??

Am i goin to be like before, just let my blog rots for years then close it down . Hmmm then wat's the point i blog again???

Well ,been surfing the net bout cheap and nice hotel in Bali . Yeap am goin to bali in less than 3 months and i only saved bout rm300 so far . ahhahahahaha I have to save bout rm2000 . Half of it for bali and another half for my Bangkok trip . Goin there a week after my bali trip . So die die every month also have to save at least rm500 . So , this year christmas not buying any pressie !! Waiting for ppl to buy for me !! nyek nyek nyek !!!

Talk bout christmas . I'm actually in the christmas mood for months d . Been listening to

christmas songs


... thinking to organise party or not. Thinkin how to deco the house . WooOO feeling so excited !!! It makes me Happy !! ahahahhah the feeling is like a lil gal that cant wait to open up her pressie !


♪♪♫~♪♫~♪♫♪ ♪♪♫~♪♫~♪♫♪


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