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Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday treats !

It's Friday !! kinda makes my mood feel better knowing that its weekend.WooOhoOO!
For the past few weeks ,I've been babysitting my niece & nephew. Taking care of them is really exhausting. I kinda enjoyed tho in a way but sometimes i really need a break... far away from kids. I deal with kids everyday .So sometimes seeing kids too much makes me feel headache and tired.

Dont get me wrong , I LOVE KIDSSS !!I LOVE my job!!
Just tat dealing with kids really eat all up of your energy practically. I'm just a Human . I do get tired, stress , depress sometimes. I really need a break !

This weekend , i can get all the time for myself that's what i've been told unless there's some emergency which i hope it will not happend.

So tonight i'm gonna start off my weekend with a nice dinner & movie with my friend. Cant wait for it !! weEEEEeeeEE!!!

Came across this video last night from youtube . I find it kinda cute and sweet just by looking at da babies but kinda pity the mum not easy to raise a child moreover is 4 at once together.


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