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Thursday, September 3, 2009

♥ IPOH 1day Trip ♥

Started the trip with a nice ultimate coffee from Coffee Bean . Ahhhh......mMMMm...

After bout 1 1/2 hours journey... Saw that 'IPOH' sign.. WoOOhoOO we're almost there... well to tell the truth , i actually passed by the toll...and headed down to Penang road. =_='' well i didnt realise that the road been changed . So , no choice have to drive further down to make a U-turn. ( which is super far away ) . Our journey to ipoh ended up 2 hours plus =_=""

Glad that , we make it down to ipoh and 1st place to go was ' Foh San Dim Sum ' . Happily enter the restaurant and the guard told us that all dim sum sold out . Wat the ...... IshhH shud have left KL earlier .. in the end bought some mooncakes & heong far biscuit from Foh San .

Next destination , Nam Heong restaurant for the White Coffee . Tried some Freshly bake Eggtart that just out from the oven ( taste real good ) , Curry Chee Cheong Fun & Kuey Teow

It's started to rain heavily when we're @ Nam Heong. We wanted to hunt for the Pork Sate ... Dont really know where is located , Only got the name of the road from a blogger so basically we had to depend on the GPS & Luck . Sad to say , we're unable to find the place & Had to stuck in the jam . Got so bored started to camwhore again . Worse come to worse .. i just realised that i lost my Mr . Ninja ... i think i drop it at Nam Heong?! i guess so.... =(

Bought some Pamelo. There's so many stall there selling Pamelo , dunno which to buy from so we decided to buy from Ah Po .

The Main reason for me to go IPOH .. TaaadDDDaaaHH Ong Kee Ipoh Nga Choi Gai !! Yum Yum !!!

Last but not Least .... Bought some Salted Herb Chicken B4 heading back home.


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