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Thursday, September 24, 2009

R.I.P Ham Ham

I'll miss u dearly HamHam . May you rest in peace .

As usual , after work i'll head home straight and rest. Had my lunch do some of my stuff and realise i need to feed HamHam. So i grab some food and head to her cage , saw that she's havin her afternoon nap. But somehow is doesnt seems right.Usually when i open the cage she'll be awake and rush for the food (ya.. she's very 'tam jiak') . Anyway i took her out and put on my palm , still breathing but not moving. In my heart , this is not happening ... is just too soon. Well , i used to have 2 hamster before. They died after 2 years. Thier life span is very short. I mean HamHam is bout 1 years & 2 months there.After a few min, HamHam squeek and stretch her hand and leg , i tought she was just playing with me and gonna wake up and have her food . Little did i know , it was actually her last breath ...................................


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