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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Went to Bangkok last friday . Once landed , rush to hotel checked-in then head down to RCA-Route 66 met up with sin ling . Next day , went shopping at Chatuchak then Platinum Mall . This time i didnt really buy much stuff , just get what i needed . Pretty impressed with myself that i can tahan not to buy those unnecessary thingy ( eheheheh) . During nite , jalan-jalan at khao san . Did my hair and Massage then went to The Club.

Next day , was supposed to fly back but Guess what ??!!! Sara & I missed our flight !!!!!! Dun ask why ! I dont feel like talking bout it pretty much still pissed at the incident. 'Nuff bout it , i wont say more. Anyway, the whole trip was Fun + Tiring ( hehheehehe )


Platinum Mall

Khao San

P/s : Today is my lovely lil bro birthday !!!

Happy Birthday Yang Yang !!!!!



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