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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The End & The Begining

AARGgggggHHHH !!!!! Today is the last day of my holidays ! BooHoo !! Goin back work tomorrow . Damn !! Having the monday blues feelings now.* Emo * Ahhh !!! Monday is one day of the week that i hate the most. Its so lazy & boring to get up early in the morning, get ready and go to work after such a nice peaceful & fun weekend.

My nose bleeds again today !! This is the 4th times in 3 months . Never in my life my nose bleeds except for standard 6 when i was playing games at a friend's birthday party . We played the newspaper smacking game ( i think i was the only girl who joined in the game as is kinda rough & painful game ) FYI , i'm kinda tomboy-ish during my primary. I play basketball , hide & seek etc with most of the boys ) So anyway , there's this 'Huge' boy name Foo . He bump into a *target* ( sad to say is me ) and i think he got excited and smack right onto my face . * BaMb *!! Guess what?!! I CRIED and my nose bleeds !!! He such a dumbass ! the rules is hit on the legs ONLY !! Worst part is , he freaked out and plan to leave the party and i've to go and console him saying that is ok..dun worry i'm fine . Is just a small matter. How ironic ! The victim have to console instead of being console .

Today , Sara & Hoong is flying off to Bali to be exact their on the plane now. I'm supposed to be on that plane with them but i'm not able to take 5 days off on the 1st week of school re-open . 1st 2 weeks of school reopen is the most havoc and busiest weeks . So , byebye to my Bali Trip. My air tic is burnt ! Well , is not that expensive . For the 2 ways tic is bout rm80 , i got it during AirAsia promo. Thx God is cheap , else i'll be killing myself for being so smart not checkin on the date. I got so excited totally forgotten bout school reopen on that week and told them i wanna go . =________=''''' Anyway , is a good thing i'm not going Bali as i can have more $$ for my bkk trip and also there's a news of Bali being a terrorist attack spot on NYE. Although NYE is over , nothing happen but what if the terrorists decided that they should postpone their bombing . That's what sara worried bout , she scared she'll be in the wrong place at the wrong time . She even imagining herself having fun dancing in the club and out of sudden was hit by a bomb and died.

SARA !! I'll Pray for you to come back home safely in one piece cause you still need to accompany me to bangkok =)

Cant believe is 2010 ! Time is really flying fast. I celebrated my new year eve by having dinner with my family then rush to Rose's Poolside celebrate Zingi's 'Forever 21' burpday. It was mad fun ! Lots of booze but i'm not really a drinker anymore . So funny , how i always wanted to drink but not much of booze . Now , tons of booze right infront of my face can drink till i die but i'm not interested in it anymore . Bailey , Malibu etc 1-2 glasses of those still fine but not whiskey , gin , vodka . I kinda dislike those now . As my age increase , my taste for certain things start to change . Sigh... 8 more days , i'll be turning 26. YES ! I KNOW I"M OLD !!
*emo-ing* ... Enough bout that , Check out those pictures @ Zingi Burpday Party !


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