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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bird Bird Burpday Dinner

Took me 2 weeks to upload picture of my buddy birthday dinner (Sorry EC =p ) . The picture was in my hp so that day i only upload pictures from the camera totally forgotten bout pic in the hp. Then when i realised bout it , i got no time to upload COZ u know why ???!!!! SCHOOL START d..which mean i need to go WORK !! URgggGHHHHH........ Am gonna be busy , so by the time i reach home i'm totally collapse , dont think i have the energy / mood to blog til weekend. ( in another words 'LAZY' ) *bluerk* . Talks bout pic , My Singapore trip picture all gone . memory card corrupted coz forgot to reformat it before use. ( such a dumbaRse ) BUT ! YES BUT ! Thank God !! SAMMI tooked most of the pictures , if i'm not mistaken bout 1k of pictures . So now i need to wait for her to sort out & PhotoChop da picture ( without photochop she wont pass me the pic ) . Guess i need to wait bout a month or 2 . BOoHoo !!

Anyway not much pic taken during that dinner . Most of the pic is food . ( pic quality not tat good as i took it with my hp plus i dun photoChop pictures )

Yong Tat SeaFood Restaurant , Telok Gong

Famous for LaLa Fried MeeHun . Used to be really nice but now quality drop not as nice as before.

Birthday Gal with Her mummy's baked cheese cake


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